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Medal Games in a Nutshell

2011-04-14 15:29:56 by Fooliolo

I hit 100k medal points a week ago, and an obvious thought was "that's a lot of points!" So I thought I'd type up this news post to commemorate the event, including resources for aspiring medal points earners, general tips for getting a high spot in the rankings, and miscellaneous "awards" for the easiest, hardest, most troll, douchiest, or plain lulzy games.


If you're wondering about where you can find more games and movies that give out medal points, you can find them on the gameswithmedals page.

If you think you're a god among gamers, see how wrong you are in the NG top medal point users list thread (kudos to Hybrid-of-Souls for doing a great job). If you don't show up on the list, either you don't have enough medal points, or we don't know you exist. There's no NG-generated top medal point users thing anywhere as far as anyone knows.

If a game or medal is causing you to rip your hair out in frustration, give the Newgrounds Medals - Games and Tips a look. Use the search function (preferably google's advanced search) before you ask a repeat question, as per the NG BBS policy. Or you can look up walkthroughs and videos on other websites. But in general, feel free to ask questions in the Games and Tips thread, I promise not to bite! (I can't promise the same from other users though, sadface.) It is generally frowned upon to tell people what a secret medal is in public, so don't do it. PMs asking how to get a secret medal are a-okay.

Common alternative walkthrough resources:
-- Wylina's links and guides
-- NG Wiki and FAQ
-- Knuckstrike's list of video walkthroughs
-- Miscellaneous userpages who have written walkthroughs
-- Author comments on their own games

Last but not least, the Official Broken Medals Thread by PsychoGoldfish. This is for cases where, no matter what anyone does (outside of cheating of course), medal not get. It's a good idea to check this thread and the Games and Tips thread if there's a bugger of a medal that's just teasing you all day and in your sleep or something.

General Strategy and Tips:

-- Generally, in order to earn medals, just meet the requirements as stated, and you'll be notified in-game that you got a medal. Beware, some games don't use the typical "medal get" notification, and even fewer of them don't use them at all, such as EON.

-- It takes time to get medal points. If you thought taking an hour to get a 100 point medal was just terrible, you have seen nothing. But generally, 100 points per hour is an okay benchmark to shoot for.

-- Approaching a game for the first time? It helps if you play the game through once just to learn everything. The second time you play it will be for specific medals or those extra challenges. Obviously, be efficient about it, know what the medals and their criteria are ahead of time.

-- Practice makes perfect!

-- Don't be a scrub. Something is not impossible just because you refuse to adapt to a certain strategy that goes against your self-imposed morals or rules or whatever sick twisted compulsions you have. If you can't follow this advise, I would suggest that you take up something else as a hobby. No offense.

-- Ask for help if you need it! Swallow your manpride if you have to. Most of the smart people in society aren't afraid to do so, and communication is key to the success of society as a whole anyways. Team PvP veterans know what I'm talking about.

-- Make backup copies of your save files. Some games do not resend medals, and it sucks to spend hours getting a grinder medal, only for t3h interwebs to throw it out the window. Learn more by googling about .sol files, or searching the NG forums. Or alternatively, just PM me for the details.

-- You either have the skills or you don't. Sometimes you'll just have to accept defeat and come back later to try again. It happens even to the best of us.

At 4/10/11 06:21 AM, anonymous wrote:
: On a sidenote, you earned the Cover Band (Punk-o-matic 2) medal a few days ago. Do you have any tips on how you did it? I remember it being the first medal I gave up on, and you did it with ease. You're obviously better at the game, but I might go back and give it another shot if you have some good pointers.
... ... ...
: Thanks for the tips!
: Long story short. You're way better than me at the game, but I'm going to give it another try. Thanks. :P

Best of luck to you!

Miscellaneous Honors: (based on my opinion mostly; I haven't tried EVERY game yet)

The One, The Original Medal Game: Portal Defenders
Most Tenacity Required: OCD+, Thieves Away!'s Wave 50!
Most Patience Required: English Pub Pool, Punk-o-matic 2 (POM2), Plinko
Most Stupid: Pixel RPG Battle, Why This?
Most Difficult: Feed The King (without $$$), AVOIDAL
Most Fun: Achievement Unlocked 2
Most Old-School Achievement-Like: Tetraform
Medal Point Sugar Rush Hyper Special: Magic Pink Man 2, Achievement Unlocked 2
Most Unworthwhile: Jetbus, Arkandian Crusade, Ever Rising Water's 500 Challenges
Most Controversial: Kill Innocent Babies
Best Hacker Detector: Anything with a broken medal, Brawl Royale
Utter Hopelessness And Despair: Arm of Revenge
Most WTF!?: Bieber Metamorph
Most Creative: Hmm...
It's Probably Your Crappy Lappy That Is Fking You Over: The Gun Game
Pro File Swapper, Dumbass: Spaceland Adventure 2
Largest Upset: Crazy Over Goo (some users just can't get the medals for some reason)
So Secret, You Cheat To Get It: Pico's Musical Experience's Keeper of Secrets
Just Plain Gross: The Breach (it's also somewhat scary, but mostly gross)
Blatant Portal Games: Depict1, My First Quantum Trans., p.i.g
Highest "OMG I HAVE TO DO THIS ALL OVER AGAIN!?!?" Because of Bad Coding:
-- Medieval Rampage 1
-- Medieval Rampage 2
-- OCD+
-- EON
-- Narcolyxii

God of Platformers: Alkie Kong 2's Drunken Deity, Lastman (the other two games would have been here, except the save function is abusable and legitimate)
Reflex Burner: Hippolyta
Carpel Tunnel Game: K-Million, Dadgame
Hardcore Fighting: Arm of Revenge
Thinking Outside the Outside Box: FISHBANE
Danmaku Desu: Bullet Heaven
Stratego: Sonny 2
Music Maestro: DJManiax, Punk-o-matic 2

Whew, that's it for now. Enjoy life y'allz!


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2011-04-17 02:17:43

Nice list; I knew about most of the links, but it'll still help me out with what games to go for now and for later.

How long did it take for you to complete this?

Fooliolo responds:

This news post? About 1.5 hours.


2011-05-03 06:14:03

Great list! Although I expected lastman somewhere up there.

Fooliolo responds:

Oops, forgot about that one!


2011-05-31 19:31:08

I think Theia's been fixed, as the medals work for me.

Fooliolo responds:

Yup. Updated the post to reflect this.


2011-06-04 20:42:13

Your username is so distracting. I always think 'Fooliolioliolo' X3


2011-06-18 12:06:37

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2011-07-17 19:12:23

ill enjoy life and so should you! lol


2011-08-05 20:47:45

What Washington are you from?

Fooliolo responds:

The awesome one that includes nice weather and PAX Prime.


2011-08-15 02:46:55

I thought it wasn't the state until you mentioned PAX. I completely forgot to get tickets for that, fuck.

Fooliolo responds:

This year's tickets completely sold out. You'll need to pre-reg in May now if the trend continues.


2012-01-02 18:14:08

Hey I'm a medal hoarder from Washington state too!